Developing Strenght, instead of Repairing Weaknesses

University Of Nebraska study about training influence to more 1000 reader in lesson of speed reading. Slowest reader in test early getting 90 words per minute, while the fastest is 350 words per minute. Who is getting highest percentage of increase after training? Everybody even superb researchers will say that the slowest will result of highest percentage. Its result? The slowest become 150 words per minute (167%) and the fastest become 2900 words per minute ( 830%!!!!!).

These indicate that effort in repairing weakness will only yield mean performance while developing strength will give remarkable performance. Therefore, recognize your strength then focus in developing your strength. If you fail, try to investigate whether you in developing your strength or not?

Forget your weaknesses, develop your strength. See you at top.

One thought on “Developing Strenght, instead of Repairing Weaknesses

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