You are Not Alone

What its intention “You are Not Alone” so that become title from this blog? “You are Not Alone” is one of the motivation words which is ordinary to be said by motivator. If you fail, “You are Not Alone” fail, many people fail before you fail. Billion people fail in world, a lot finally desist, but by dozens continue. And them which continue are chosen for success.

I give you 2 tips that is Tips for Never Fail and Tips for Success.

  • Tips for Never Fail: “ Don’t Conduct Any”
    • If you never conduct any, hence you never fail.
  • Tips for Success: “ Never quit”
    • Donald Trump says: “Don’t you ever give up”. Freddy Mercury says: “We Are the Champions; we’ll keep on fighting till the end”. God says in Ad-Dhuha with the meaning “And final that’s better from the beginning”.

A motivator says: “Catch that moment, compile an action plan, decide what we wish from life, and pursue that plan until something happened. This matter enough draw, although we fail to reach determined target, we will become far better with searching to be compared to us only awaiting.”

See you at top.


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